Meet the right people in Mexico City

Plenary Session

Dive into the heart of innovation and knowledge-sharing with our Plenary Sessions. Join industry titans, visionary CEOs, and financial experts for dynamic discussions that shape the future of finance. Experience the power of collective intelligence as ideas unfold and connections thrive in this high-energy environment.

Workshop Discussion Lounges

Elevate your learning experience in our Workshop Discussion Lounges. Engage with seasoned professionals who have dedicated years to mastering their craft, covering a diverse range of topics crucial to financial success. Connect, collaborate, and gain invaluable insights that propel your career forward.

Private Cocktails and Dinners

Immerse yourself in exclusive networking opportunities at our Private Cocktails and Dinners. Rub shoulders with the most influential figures in the financial world as you build relationships and forge partnerships that transcend boundaries. Discover the power of meaningful connections in an intimate and upscale setting.