Covid-19 and the Credit Cycle

1. How To Determine Where We Are In the Credit Cycle
2. The Credit Cycle Before Covid19 – Year-End 2019
a.Continuous of the Benign Credit Cycle
b.But, with Increasing Tail-Risk Vulnerability
3. Impact of COVID19 On the Credit Cycle
4. Forecasting Default and Bankruptcy Rates for 2020 and 2021
5. The BBB Investment Grade Phenomenon and Predicting Downgrades in aPandemic Using Z-Scores
6. “Zombie” Companies & Their Impact on Economies
7. Central Bank & Government Supports – US compared to the Rest of the Planet
8. Unintended Consequences and the Chance of a “Debt-Bubble”
9. Corporate Capital Structure Issues

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Covid-19 and the Credit Cycle